Fee Schedule

Description Price Time
Tax Returns
1040 175.00 return
1040 + Sch C 325.00 return
1120S 450.00 return
"Small" 1120S 325.00 return
1120 500.00 return
1065 500.00 return
1041 600.00 return
Texas Franchise Tax 100.00 return
State Income Tax 100.00 return
Extensions (All Kinds) FREE extension
CPA Services (Contract or Current Client)
CFO Services 150.00 per hour
IRS Representation 150.00 per hour
Phone/Business Consulting    FREE per hour
QuickBooks Training 75.00 per hour
Bookkeeping 25-250 monthly
Adjusting Journal Entries 75.00 per hour
CPA Services (Non Contract)
CFO Services 300.00 per hour
IRS Representation 300.00 per hour
Phone/Business Consulting 150.00 per hour
QuickBooks Training 150.00 per hour
Bookkeeping 75.00 per hour
Adjusting Journal Entries 150.00 per hour
Payroll Services
Payroll (<5 emp) 30.00 monthly
Payroll (>5 emp) 60.00 monthly

*Note all fees are approximate and negotiable...Certain other conditions may apply. For more information Contact Us for additional information.

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