Financial Analysis

Most small businesses develop as the result of someone’s dream. However, if you do not take the time to lay a strong foundation for your business, your dream could easily turn into a nightmare. We produce software templates specific to a company that will allow a good solid financial analysis of the company.

Financial modeling is the only way to deal with the multiple events that may effect your company. Head counts and personnel costs, sales forecasts, product costs, operating expenses, product development, availability of financing (both equity and debt), capital budgets (including facility requirements), mergers and acquisitions, timing of collections and payments, and competitive pressures must all be considered in the decision making process.

– Common Size Income Statements
– Common Size Balance Sheets
– Complete Ratio Comparison
– Complete Ratio Analysis
– Budget/Forecast Performance
– Rates of Return Calculation
– Cash Flow Analysis
– Decision Support Systems
– Loan Amortization Schedule