IRS Representation

– Are you in deep trouble with the IRS? What is this bill from the IRS?
– What will happen to me if I owe taxes? What can the IRS do to me?
– What is a levy? How do I get a bank or wage levy released?
– Will they make a deal to pay it back? What is an offer in compromise?
– How can I get penalties and interest abated?
– What is a Federal Tax Lien? How can I get tax liens released?
– Do I have to go this alone or can someone help?
– If I retain a professional, Do they care about my situation?

“WHO should you know, WHAT you must know and WHY you need to know”

We represent taxpayers before the divisions of the IRS and state tax agencies. We will ensure that your rights as a taxpayer are respected by letting us represent you, you will no longer have to deal directly with the IRS and state agencies.

– Installment Agreement
– IRS Audits and Notices
– Offer in Compromise
– Penalty Abatement
– Tax Lien
– Innocent Spouse Relief
– Delinquent Tax Returns