Tax Preparation

Tax preparation is an a yearly chore, but it has to be done. Our goal is to present and prepare the tax return correctly and to maximize your refund that you’re entitled to.

Also, we provide FREE prior years tax return reviews for all of our clients.  Our tax review includes a professional review of your original tax return and advice on what to do if variances are found.

We prepare and/or review the following tax returns at our firm:

Federal (IRS) Tax Returns

– Individuals (1040)
– Partnerships (1065)
– Corporations (1120)
– “S” Corporations (1120S)
– LLC’s (Sch C/1065/1120S)
– Non Profit Entities (990)
– Trusts (1041)

State Tax Returns

– Individual State Tax
– Business State Tax


All tax returns are paperless in a PDF format

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Tax Data Organizer/Checklist

Download Tax Data Organizer(Excel)
Download Tax Document Checklist(PDF)